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Book Review: Nashville Trio by Joy Daniels


Music City, USA 

After years of hard work country music duo Sweet Talk is on the verge of success. Singer Ashley Ford swore off the romantic entanglements that cost her mother her musical career, but her playing has fallen flat. She needs a spark. 

Where inspirations strikes 

Co-singer Rob usually find his pleasure with men, but when Ashley runs back to the arms of her ex lover Ty, he realizes that he’s no longer content being only a friend. 

A tangled trio 

Pride kept Ty from pursing Ashley to Nashville. When Ashley returns to his bed, Ty vows not to give her up again, even if it means sharing her with a man he finds aggravating – and surprisingly attractive.

When secrets and ambition seem poised to destroy her chance to be a star, Ashley must decide if she’s willing to risk it all for a Nashville Trio.


A tightening of of Ty's jaw was the only indication that Rob's words hit their mark.  He swallowed, then looked at Ashley.  His expression softened.  "You were wonderful."

"Thanks."  Her throat was so dry it came out like a whisper.

Rob's fingers brushed her lower back, and she shivered.  "She was better than that - she was hot."

The last word was a soft gasp that made Ashley's skin tingle.  She turned away to hide her reaction, but couldn't resist peeking at Ty from the corner of her eye.  His smile was a secret sly kind of thing, and he caught her gaze as he nodded.  "Scorching.  Even hotter than I remembered."

Ashley sucked in in a breath as her face flamed.  Ty wasn't talking about the show anymore.  The hand against her back clenched into a fist.  Rob had caught Ty's meaning too.

Okay, it was time to put a stop to the testosterone display before...  Before what, Ashley couldn't say.  She shifted her weight, ready to put some distance between herself and both men.  But before she could move, Ty was right in front of her.  Startled, she took a stumbling step backwards, and she bumped into Rob.  His erection pressed into her ass.

She started to pull away but Rob's hands grasped her hips.  His heat cradled her back.  Ty's breath fanned her face.  The arousal had been smoldering within her leapt into flame.  Her body clenched.  Nipples tightened into hard points.  Ty raised his hand to her jaw, and brought his mouth to hers.  His tongue thrust between her lips.  She stiffened, expecting Rob to protest, so she was completely unprepared when he rubbed against her, and nipped the outer shell of her ear.

Oh, God.  They were treating her like the rope in a game of sexual tug-of-war - so why was she so turned on?


This is the first book that I have read by Joy Daniels and it will not be the last.  I loved Nashville Trio!  It was the perfect blend of plot, sexual tension, and super hot sex scenes.  What I really loved about the book (besides the seriously hot sex) was the fact that I got a glimpse at everyone's point of view.  So often in the books I read, you only hear the lead female's thoughts.  I'm always left wondering what they guy is thinking.  But with Nashville Trio, Joy Daniels weaves the different character's view points seamlessly to where I always know what is on each character's mind, but it's not a jarring jump to each point of view.  I also love the mix of different sex scenes.  There's solo lovin' (masturbation is highly under-rated!), guy/girl, guy/girl/guy, and even some super yummy guy/guy scenes.  I'm getting hot just thinking back to them!  I will definetly be adding Joy Daniel's other books to my "want-to-read" list on Goodreads.

About the Author:

I write erotic romance because I like to expose my characters completely – strengths, flaws and scars. My debut novella, Revving Her Up, was the first story in the Full Throttle series, which focuses on the bad boys – and girls – of stock car racing. It was a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick, and has been called "one heck of a sexy ride" (Sizzling Hot Books), and "a hell of a sexy read" (Read-Love-Blog). I am currently working on the next two stories in the series.

My newest novel, Nashville Trio, is a steamy MMF ménage novel about a country singer and the two very different men in her life. It comes out May 5, 2014.

New Adult romance is my new favorite passion. I love writing stories with angst and heart, heart-melting kisses, and happy endings. I'm currently working on two New Adults series. The first, RunningScared , is about a Boston University student and the bodyguard hired to protect her from herself. It will be out in August 2014. The second series is a trilogy (Scarred, Burned, and Marked) about three friends bound together by a terrible tragedy and the scars it left behind.

I'm originally from New York City, (and still a loyal Yankees fan!), but since moving south, I've developed passions for NASCAR and country music. Both feature in my recent stories. In addition to writing (and reading) I enjoy yoga, bellydancing, and growing veggies in the Washington, D.C. area with my scientist husband and two curious kids. I'm active in the Washington Romance Writers, and the Maryland Romance Writers, and have been a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) since 2009.

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