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Book Review: The Demarcation of Jack

Description:  Jack and Jenna embark on a trip to the beautiful tropical island of Jamaica with hopes of rekindling the romance in their marriage. Jack, a successful sculptor, loves their life together, but Jenna must reconcile the anger that has accumulated during their relationship if they are to find the love they once shared.

Jack, taking advantage of a resort offer, invites another married couple, Marcus and Summer, to join them. Jenna unwittingly finds herself sexually charged by Marc who offers her advice and support concerning the problems in her marriage.

Flirtations continue to build between the couples, which initially frighten Jenna, however Jack finds the potential opportunity to have sex with Summer quite appealing. Will Jack’s tunnel vision have negative consequences?

Jack and Jenna’s poignant journey encompasses the real and comedic moments of life. This sexy page-turning romance will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last moment!

Fractured Fidelities Trilogy Book 1

Excerpt: Although Jack stood only slightly taller than Jenna, his muscularity from constant movement coupled with his expansive personality made him seem much taller. She loved that he still got aroused simply at the idea of having sex with her. It had been way too long since she had let her guard down enough to let him in.

After positioning himself next to her on the bed, he rolled Jenna halfway on top of him and resumed his penetrating kiss.

“Hmmmm,” she said.

He lifted her shirt revealing her pendulum breasts, her nipples already hard in anticipation. Lowering his mouth, he sucked her right nipple into his mouth and tugged with his teeth and lips. He fondled her other breast, slowly working his way down the side of her body. They had been together so long, he knew all the right buttons to push. It had been a long time since she had allowed him to go down on her, and he decided to take the chance.

Spreading her legs wide, he repositioned himself, massaging his hands up the inside of her thighs until he used his thumbs to finger her wetness. “Oh, babe, I love to feel you so wet.”

Jenna glanced down into Jack’s eyes and saw the desire there, flaring her own. She needed this. They needed this.

Jack lowered his head, taking in her smell just before tasting her. “So good,” he said.

Jenna pulled a pillow under her head and relaxed into the sensation. As her libido climbed, her thoughts traveled to earlier in the day and her time on the beach with Marc. She could not deny there seemed to be mutual attraction and his flirtatious nature left her feeling far more attractive than she had in a long time. “Mmmm,” Jenna moaned. She wondered if Marc’s cock might be longer than Jack’s or as thick? Once her orgasm hovered close, her mind quieted.

Jack used his knowledge from his history with Jenna to keep her just at the edge of the precipice for a while, making her strain and groan for fulfillment. He finally softened and slowed the pace just enough to send her soaring into blissful release.

Review:  This is the first book by Dana and Blakely Bennett that I have had the pleasure to read and I can tell you, I will be reading more of their books in the future.  I love the double-play on the title of this book.  The Demarcation of Jack - meaning that Jack finds out what his relationship boundaries are, and the DeMARCaction of Jack - meaning that Jack needs to get Marc (the other male character) out of his life.  This is a great book about the joys and pitfalls of a polyamorous relationship.  I appreciate that it did not paint polyamory to be this easy relationship choice where you can easily trade sexual partners and no one gets hurt.  I find myself in love with all four main characters in this book and I want it to work out for everyone.  Usually, in a typical romance book, the lead female has two men to choose from but there is one guy that you definitely want her to end up with.  In this book I really did want her to have both guys!  On top of the realistic plot-line, I also really loved the sex scenes and sexual tension in the book.  Hot, hot, hot!!!  Reading this book will be well worth your time and money.

About the Authors:  Dana and Blakely Bennett love to explore stories outside the realm of what society deems “normal.” They find relationships and love to be a fertile ground for exciting intrigue. Their first writing project together happened way back in 1996, which, in their own words, was “dreadful”, but solidified their dream of writing fiction for a living. They now write collectively and individually and love to support each other’s projects.

Dana and Blakely are very happily married and have been together for nineteen years. The time has flown by quickly for them and life’s twists and turns have made their journey all the richer.

Blakely is the published erotic suspense author of the My Body Trilogy and is currently working on her next erotic romance series. Dana is finishing up the first book in his Jones Whitman, Time Traveler, and historical romance series.

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