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Book Review: Geared to the Present by Dana Bennett


Jones Whitman is the story of a young man who, after making unsavory lifestyle choices in Boston society, learns his father, James, has arranged for him to school under the tutelage of Master Wong Fei-hung in Foshan, China. Jones Whitman submits to the teaching, evolving into a strong and ethical young man. Fei-hung, master of Hung Gar gives each student a new name upon graduation. Jones’s new name is 時光旅行者, Time Traveler. Jones spends the next seven years working diligently on a design for a time machine. The Atomotron. When the first human trial is to take place, he inadvertently trips the lever and jumps forward 120 years to Snohomish, Washington, 2012. That’s where the real adventure begins.

*Jones Whitman Time Traveler Series Book 1*


Jones crossed his legs, drew in a breath, and closed his eyes. Darcy quietly sneaked back to Jones. “Is this better?”

“I have nothing to compare it too.” He opened his eyes to find Darcy’s face merely inches from his own. 

“However,” he said lightly, “your breath is as sweet as roses in the garden.”


Darcy took her position once again.

“Now, we shall take three deep breaths and exhale slowly. Then we will bring our faces close together without touching but our mouths will be in perfect alignment. I will breathe in a deep breath and release it. As I release, you will draw in my exhalation. Once we have accomplished this, we will move a bit closer and this time you will breathe in deeply, release and I shall take in your breath. We will perform this ten times. What do you think?”

“I’m vibrating… seriously, like I’m going to start bouncing around.”

Jones laughed.

“So shall we try?” He sat up straight and leaned toward Darcy. “Are you ready?”


She closed her eyes.

“Oh and one more thing.”

“Really?” she said in a small huff with her eyes still tightly shut.

“I will be brief. You cannot close your eyes.”

“Uh oh. This should be interesting.”

Darcy opened her eyes to see Jones smiling. They took in three deep breaths and exhaled slowly each time.

“Ready? I’m going to breathe in.” Jones stared straightinto Darcy’s dancing eyes. As he released, Darcy began to inhale his breath. She felt exhilarated as he captured her in his steady stare.

“Now, your turn,” he whispered.

Darcy began to exhale. Jones moved closer to her mouth, until his own mouth was no more than an inch away. He allowed her breath to blend with his as he absorbed her exhalation deep into his lungs.

“Oh this is way cool,” she whispered. “I’m sorry and why are we doing this?”

“Last night together, depending on when I return. Complicated, too much to think about.”

Jones lingered in her gaze and felt the energy between them expand and grow.

“I’m mesmerized,” she said as they continued to blend their breath, speaking directly into each other’s mouths.

“May I brush my lips against your lips?” Jones whispered.

“I think that would be really nice,” she breathed back.

Jones moved closer and while still gazing into her eyes, he ever so lightly touched his lips to hers.

“You are the yin to my yang,” he whispered.

“Holy smokes… what just happened to me,” she mouthed, keeping her face next to Jones.

“I feel drunk. I feel energized. I want you … to…”

“I can’t, Jones. I want you too, but I can’t under these circumstances.”

She broke the spell and leaned back on her hands. Abruptly she jumped up and began to pace, wanting to accept this man into her bed but knowing her heart could not withstand the inevitable loss.


This book was adorable!  I loved the romantic chivalry shown by the leading character Jones Whitman, and the spunky and peppy personality of the leading lady Darcy Champagne.  They had a chemistry between them that kept me reading “just one more chapter” to see if they would finally allow themselves to succumb to their feelings.  My favorite part of a romantic/erotic encounter is the moment before anything actually happens, when the air is filled with sexual tension and desire.  Dana built this feeling between the two characters wonderfully which made their end result just that much better.  Along with the romance, this book focused on the historical contrast between 1891 and 2012.  It was fun seeing the contrast between a society that feared scientific advancement and a modern-day world where science and technology have bloomed.  I also liked the difference between the bland courtship Jones has in 1891 versus the exciting relationship he had in 2012.  When Dana wrote the parts that took place in 1891 I really felt I had time-traveled, and when he wrote the parts that took place in 2012, I could really see the bewilderment and strangeness of the future that Jones must have felt.  All in all it was a very good book and I can’t wait to read more about Jones Whitman and his Atomatron.

About the Author:  

Dana Bennett lived in north central Florida for the first chapter of his life. After high school, he spent the next chapter working with problem teens and their families in Pensacola, Florida and then spent time on the Colorado River Indian Reservation, in Parker, Arizona helping the Native American population. He graduated from Nova Southeastern with a degree in psychology later in life. He has had many eclectic professional experiences in the work arena, always returning to the creativity he finds in building and construction as well as crafting new stories.

He has three wonderful daughters and two adorable grandsons. He is married to his best friend and partner in life, love, and business. They have a strong supportive community of friends and neighbors who encourage them daily to keep writing.

He enjoys each day with Blakely as they work on their never finished project, life. Writing is his bliss and both he and Blakely are chasing the dream of writing full time.

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